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Desarrollador David Reid
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New in Version 1.09:
• Build a 115" professional performance screen for less than $100
• Well hang a customized hanging projector shelf for less than $25
• Ill explain DLP vs LCD, including video of the rainbow effect

If youve been eyeing that spare room with the idea of building a dream theater into your home, youll love the tricks and info hiding inside this helper app for your home theater project.

Complete with descriptive graphics, explanations and a video tour, this step-by-step walkthrough will help you avoid many pitfalls and gotchas that have crashed others dreams of a great man-cave in the past. Ive learned and made the mistakes so you dont have to! Follow along and youll be well on your way to home theater success!!

Were building a unique theater around a screen as large as 115" in your own home. Well combine a stunning 1080p image and great sound with your own choices of custom lighting and the right ambiance. Ill help you through the various big decisions to customize your dream theater to fit your own budget and unique requirements.

The big ticket components of your theater are:
- Projector
- Sound System (including speakers and amp)
- Room decorations & lighting (easy ideas to transform your room)

This project is segmented into easy steps that can be accomplished very quickly. If you can measure accurately and work with hand tools, finishing your full theater shouldnt take more than a long weekend or two .. maybe faster if you have a little help.

Check out the screen shots to get an idea of the great results weve had using these techniques, then hit the download button and check out the content and video tour at the end.

Best of success on your build !!